Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Super Computer Versus Human

A computer scientist and a philosopher meet at a world conference. The computer scientist begins boasting about the superiority of artificial intelligence.

"Humans are useless before a super computer!"

The philosopher disagrees with him.

"Can you prove I am wrong?" challenges the scientist.

"Sure, A computer stores into its memory whatever we feed it even if it is junk. A human is selective. Whatever we feed a human only what is necessary is kept inside; the rest comes out the next day through the output device. A super computer cannot do that!"

The scientist is puzzled.

"With a super computer we cannot decide if the output is needed or unnecessary until we see the output. But with a human we can be sure everything that comes out of the output device is shit!"

The scientist is stunned.

"A super computer can say 'Fuck You!' but cannot mean it. Whereas a human can say it, show it, mean it and do it as well!"

The scientist is dumbfounded and awed.

"If you selectively leave two super computers in a room for a year, they will still be two computers at the end of the year. But if you selectively leave two humans in a room for a year, you can be sure there will be more than two humans by the end of a year!"

The scientist begins to sweat.

"A super computer cannot turn its software into hardware by looking at another naked computer. About half the humans can!"

The scientist drops down dead.

Friday, August 18, 2006

More Incest Fuckall

him: ah got the theory well now

7:04 PM me: yeah

him: see im an average person in thinking about things

me: k

him: i hate incest.

me: k

him: majority of the population is average

me: yeah

him: so incest is considered bad by majority

me: yeah

7:05 PM him: so it became a sin

me: yeah

him: i forgot what i wanted to explain

this is bad

me: oh

lol yeah man

him: i want to prove why it is considered bad

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Incest Fuckall

me: but making all these sins in the context of religion

yeah in a way maybe i dunno their relation

by making all these sins have a very negative effect man

you know why

7:00 PM him: tell me

me: by making them as acts against god, religious people, that is almost 80% of the world people will

react wildly and blindly to a case of incest instead of being understanding

7:01 PM they act like they came across a bunch of evil worshippers or witches

thats real stupid man

him: yeah

me: just imagine a case of incest in a small town

him: wait im thinking one theory

me: oh ok

7:02 PM him: aaah this is a veryconfusing thing

me: what

him: cos im very against inces


me: ok

you know we are against somethings because we have it in our very foundations of thought that some things are revolting and bad.

7:03 PM him: yeah that is true

best example is smoking and drinking

me: yeah

but these days i am trying to change all such foundations in me man

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rape, Incest Fuckall

him: i dont know about incest. but rape being good or bad depends on the character of the person

me: i dint get that point

him: suppose the person likes to make people happy he wont like raping and for him rape is a bad thing

me: yeah exactly tru e

its in our perspective as you say

6:56 PM him: yeah

me: incest was made a sin just to avoid degeration of genes

him: incest is a confusing thing man

me: because by sex within family

6:57 PM we tend to mutate without outside knowledge and eventually the next generation has more chance of being retarded but

6:58 PM if we procreate outside the family the next generation will share the knowledge, instinct and traits of two families thereby in evolutionary sense is more prepared and ready for survival

him: yeah man thats true

me: because incest is common in almost all animals

only man has the knowledge that it is degenerative so has made it a sin

Monday, August 14, 2006

Good, Bad and God Fuckall

him: and one more theory

me: ok

him: see according to religion

me: yeah

6:49 PM him: bad things relate to devil

while good things relate to god

me: yeah


6:50 PM him: but human feelings are like we like to do bad things more than good things

me: ok

him: so if we are doing more good things we are sort of suffering. while we do bad things we are enjoying.

me: lol yeah

6:51 PM him: so it might be that what we consider god right now mgiht actally be the devil while the devil might be the god

me: lol could be man

but we wont know unless we stop doing what we consider good and do only things like murders, rapes, etc

6:52 PM thenoneday suddenly god may really appear and commend us for all the 'good' we did

him: yeah

me: but still we wouldn't know if it is god or the devil that has appeared

cos we really dunno who god is

him: yeah man

6:53 PM this good and bad thing i have been thinking for a long time man

me: k

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Man is a Social Fuckall

him: i thought a big theory

me: what

him: its based on that sentence that we fear chaos that will result when we commit sins

will tell you now

me: k

6:45 PM him: from the beginning man was a social animal

me: yeah ok

him: he was not individual like cats. so as a social animal he has to depend on others to live

me: ok

6:46 PM him: and with civilization that depending nature has become stronger

me: ok

him: suppose there are tow people

me: k

him: one is a normal guy and one is a grocer

me: ok

him: now if that normal guy goes and rapes the grocers daughter

me: k

him: that will make the grocer angry and he wont give the essential commodities to the normal guy anymore

me: ok

6:47 PM him: that will be bad for him

me: yeah ok

him: so based on this people have thought about some things that will hurt others and branded them as bad things or sins

me: yeah

6:48 PM him: if you consider it from an animals point of view. killing is not a crime

me: yeah

him: because an animal can live on its own

but man cant

me: ok

him: thats what i thought

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nickelodeon Fuckall

me: im back

8:09 PM him: hey man i want to send a mail tonickelodeon

me: ok

you got the email id?

him: but couldnt find the mail id or contact us page

no man

me: oh ok

him: they are spoiling that channel

me: k

8:10 PM him: i just read in wiki. all the fans are furious

me: oh ok

him: the chanel is rnning because of some cartoons like spongebob and avatar

that avatar is nice man. very good animation

me: k dint see it

8:11 PM him: or i will start a group that i hate dan schneider

me: yeah do that lol

i will join too

him: wait will create one now

me: k

him: or if its there i will join it

me: ok

8:19 PM him: ok man i created it

me: ok

i will check it out

8:21 PM him: posted topic also. lets see how many people reply

me: k

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